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    1. About Us

      Tianchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 and is a natural person, venture capital funds and state-owned companies invested national high-tech enterprise. We have 10 national invention patents with independent intellectual property rights and 8 scientific and technological achievements. It has established the Henan Provincial Chiral Chemical New Material Engineering Technology Research Center, which is one of the keys listed reserve enterprise in Henan Province. The company has 3 modern production bases in Puyang Tianjian Biotechnology, Tianchi (Puyang) New Materials, and Tianchi (Anyang) New Materials. Tianchi Organics Co.,Ltd. as the marketing company in charge of business development and sales for us and also help sister companies to develop businesses.

      Puyang Tianjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as the start-up base of Tianchi Pharmaceutical, has clarified the development direction of innovative and green fine chemical enterprises, and has continuously developed advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, hand-type resolution agents, electronic and polymer new materials, etc. In the field, we have closely cooperated with many multinational chemical giants to create sustainable development and value for relevant stakeholders in the industry. The company's annual profit and tax are more than 20 million yuan. The company pursues excellence, quality, core competitiveness, and social responsibility, and upholds the corporate mission of "benefiting mankind with technology and innovation", and is ready to sincerely cooperate with customers at home and abroad to create brilliant!

      Today, Tianchi Pharmaceutical has established close cooperative relations with excellent domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutes and related industry leaders. It is working hard towards several subdivided products in the three major categories of medicine, pesticides and new materials. The goal of China's top 100 chemical industry is to strive for development.

      In the future, Tianchi Pharmaceuticals will continue to adhere to the strategy of modernization, intelligence, and serialization, guided by market demand, driven by technological innovation, and continue to rely on its own advantages to conduct in-depth research and development in forward-looking , Constantly explore the field of new materials, strengthen the advantages, and strive to be the industry leader.


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